A PwnDefend CTF Adventure

Global Cyber War CTF - Proof of Concept (currently in development)

When the world is in chaos, when cybercrime and terrorists create mayhem, death and destruction, there is only one team that can bring hope.

Join the PwnDefend Global Cyber Police to take on cybercrime, defend critical infrastructure and take the hunt to the enemy. A new cyber security educational CTF game from PwnDefend.

Registration is open for the warmup game. We've stood up the platform so we can test load and make sure everything works here whilst we build out the bootcamp campaign. Check out the PwnDefend Twitter Feed for more info.

The Concept

The concept with this CTF is that we enable people to not only learn but also to have a great time doing so. We also want to make sure that you don't have to be super 1337 to participate and play (don't worry we will build hard challenges as well). To achieve this we have decided to use campaigns, main quests and side quests as the mechanic:
This not only helps by making the game more immersive, but it also let's us build this out and extend the game organically. Hopefully we'll have a flag or two online within a few weeks, so don't forget to check in.

We'll be adding more content as we go and evolving this, becuase it's more fun that way :)


Who is this for?

We make our games accessible to everyone. There are litterally flags if you can use a web browser so please don't be afraid to come and play. We often hear people say they aren't ready for CTFS... we think that's totally wrong. Everyone is ready! All you have to do is start playing! The rest should be a nail biting, head banding, laughing adventure as you explore the world of offesnive and defensive cyber security.

Game Challenges

To keep you busy whilst we build things...

We have made some warm up flags. Again these are useful as they will include real world snippets that might be helpful later in the games.
The environments will be largely based on real world cyber challenges but some side quests may feature more puzzle like games. Areas we want to include are:
  1. Web Vulnerabilities
  2. Reverse Engineering
  3. Open Source Intelligence Gathering
  4. Cryptograthy
  5. Forensics and Analysis
  6. and more...