Rules of Engagement

Welcome, whilst capture the flag games are super fun, we also need to open and honest about the rules of the game:

  1. Don't break any laws, period.
  2. The tools, techniques and practises used in the CTF are for authorised use only. Do not use these in scenarios where you are not explicitly authorised by the asset owner.
  3. Don't attack other playes
  4. The platform infrastructure and any assets outside of the level scopes are not in scope. We will make it clear where you can send the pews.
  5. Have fun, it's just a game. We make this for the commnunity to enjoy, not to create headaches.
  6. Any form of racism, sexism or any dickish behaviour will get you banned. So don't be a dick!
  7. K-Hax and Nibbles are in charge - what they say goes, no ifs no butts!